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Samstag, 8. November 2014

BangDoll → Bang-Doll

Vocal: Ryo-suke (→BangDoll→Bang-Doll)
Guitar: IKUMI (→Bang-Doll)
Guitar: YOU (→刹那→RAPT→BangDoll→Bang-Doll)
Bass: 豪 (→Bang-Doll)
Drums: 弘樹 (→刹那→BangDoll→Bang-Doll)

Former Member
Drums: Shingo (→Zea~Na→ZINX→BangDoll→)
Guitar: Naoki (→BangDoll→)
Support Guitar: 亜希生 (→刹那→JE*REVIENS→BangDoll→Lies and Truth→Lucy via Cloudy)
Drums: 一色 (→L'anglease→Anglease(Hiro)→BangDoll→)
Guitar: 悠 (→Bang-Doll→バックドロップ零式)
Support Bass: To-ru (→刹那→Bang-Doll→)
Support Bass: DIE吉 (→Bang-Doll→)

[2000.05.29] 「P・T・S・D」~心理的外傷~ 
1. 『P・T・S・D』
2. “A”
4. -トラウマ-
5. secret track 1
6. secret track 2

[2003.09.28] sollen 2 (Omnibus)
8. How to use LOVE [R-type]

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