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Montag, 26. Januar 2015

Buffalo Daughter

ReDiscoVer. Best, Re-recordings and Remixes of Buffalo Daughter [Album] (2014-07-24)
1. New Rock 20th featuring KAKATO (環ROY×鎮座DOPENESS)
2. Beautiful You 20th featuring 日暮愛葉&有島コレスケ
3. LI303VE
4. Great Five Lakes 20th featuring 小山田圭吾
5. Dr. Mooooooooog
6. Discoth que Du Paradis
7. Cold Summer
8. Peace Remix by Adrock
9. Socks, Drugs and Rock’n'roll Live (Sax, Drugs and Rock’n'roll) featuring 立花ハジメ
10. Volcanic Girl
11. A11 A10ne
12. Cyclic Live
13. バルーン Remix by Avec Avec
14. ほら穴

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