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Samstag, 6. Juni 2015


Falling for Autumn [Album] (2013.10.09)
1. look up! there is a perfect gradient in the top of that tree
2. here comes the sweater weather
3. new stationery for a new semester
4. the biggest pile of leaves you have ever seen
5. animal crossing signs on the highways in other countries
6. seasonal produce
7. an awkward dinner conversation at a family gathering
8. just walking around
9. adventure music for migrating birds
10. raindrops plucking the last leaves from a tree

The Sounds of Spring [Album] (2015.05.09)
1. A Natural Alarm Clock
2. Waking Up On A Picnic Blanket
3. Gathering Sticks For A Nest
4. Origami Tulips
5. Outside Sandwiches
6. Perfectly Organized Cleaning Supplies
7. The Very First Palm Tree Of Spring Break
8. A Sky Full Of Hot Air Balloons
9. Sprouts In The Cracks In The Concrete
10. Wet Grass

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