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Donnerstag, 16. November 2017


Horie Yui
Takahashi Chiaki
Kanda Akemi
Asano Masumi
Kimura Madoka

[The group was officially disbanded as of September 20, 2007 on Horie's 31st birthday, but reunited in the summer of 2015 to appear in the anime series Sore ga Seiyuu! for their 10th anniversary.]

Love Aice⁵ [Album] (2007.02.14)
1. Prologue of Aice5
2. Love Power
3. Furi Furi (ふりふり)
4. Word I need
5. Yūjō Monogatari (友情物語)
6. Natural Fly
7. Shiroi Tsuki (白い月)
8. Believe My Love
9. MAABURU ROKETTO (マーブルロケット)
10. Lady Go!
11. five arrows
12. Love&Dream
13. Get Back
14. Smile
15. Epilogue of Love Aice5
16. StarDust~Aice5 No Theme~ (StarDust~Aice5のテーマ~)

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